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Nightmare For U-He Zebra 2


For U-He Zebra 2

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Terror, horror, and everything in between

In this library for the striped beast (Zebra) we're bringing you a grimoire to conjure the deepest and darkest corners of the human psyche.

These presets have been created to write cinematic music in the genres of horror, suspense, and true crime. Use at your own risk. You might become unable to sleep after using this library, or conjure an ancient demon by accident.

All presets are tagged and have modwheel and XY modulations.

89 presets included

  • Eerie and creepy pads
  • Disturbing soundscapes
  • Metallic and distorted effects
  • Atmospheric chilling leads
  • Retro horror synths

Preset audio demos

These demos have not been mastered or post-processed in any way. What you hear is what you get.

Demo tracks

Full list of presets

ARP Family secret
ARP The carpenter

BASS Amnesia
BASS Drone
BASS Heartbeat
BASS Pendulum
BASS Private investigations
BASS Pulse
BASS Pulse 2
BASS Pulse 3
BASS Reverse motion
BASS Vertigo

HIT Big drum
HIT Sub hit

KEYS Glass
KEYS Harmonics
KEYS Nightmare
KEYS Recurring dream
KEYS Short feedback

LEAD Broken bow
LEAD Pulse
LEAD Pulsing fear
LEAD Soft feedback

LOOP Distressing pitch
LOOP Drunken harpist
LOOP It's coming
LOOP Long bowing
LOOP Mirage
LOOP Music box
LOOP Music box 2
LOOP Pulsing
LOOP Reverse
LOOP Spiders
LOOP The evil within

PAD Amped
PAD Chills
PAD Chills 2
PAD Chills 3
PAD Chills 4
PAD Frozen hearth
PAD Harmonics
PAD It's here
PAD Leviathan
PAD Lost in the fog
PAD Outside
PAD Paranoia
PAD Pulse
PAD Riser
PAD Riser 2
PAD Riser 3
PAD Sacrifice
PAD Swell
PAD Swell 2
PAD Swell 3
PAD The dark hour

PERC Clockwork 2
PERC Clockwork
PERC Insects
PERC Night drive
PERC Ritual drum
SFX A calling
SFX Distorted echo
SFX Distorted feedback
SFX Interference
SFX Interference 2
SFX Interference 3
SFX Ping
SFX Ping 2
SFX Ping 3
SFX Reso growl
SFX Riser gated
SFX Riser
SFX Signal
SFX Signal 2
SFX Sub friction
SFX Tense metal
SFX The string

SSC Area X
SSC Asylum
SSC Dark experiment
SSC Delirium
SSC Lurking evil
SSC Psychosis
SSC Ricochet
SSC Sharp objects
SSC The terror
SSC The thing
SSC Visions

SYNTH Seeker of the serpent


We recommend using these with the latest version of U-He Zebra 2. You will be able to use them in ZebraHZ but you might get an annoying message every time you load a preset.

After buying Nightmare you will get a .zip file. Uncompress it, and copy the folder with presets to your Zebra user preset folder.

These are the default folder locations for Zebra presets:

  • macOS: /Users/USERNAME/Library/Audio/Presets/u-he/
  • Windows: C:/VstPlugins/Zebra/Zebra.data/Presets/

Alternatively, you can right click on your user preset folder right inside Zebra to open it in Finder or File Explorer.


You can use these Zebra presets on any project, commercial or not. You cannot resell these presets or use them to create samples for resale either.