Urban Warfare

83 presets for U-He Zebra2
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Add tension and grit to your music

You will find no beautiful galatic pads here. This library is about mayhem, distortion, rhythm, tension, saturation, analog fatness... with more distortion added on top!

Urban Warfare was inspired by the work of composers such as Lorne Balfe, Tom Holkenborg, Trevor Morris, Sarah Schachner, among others.


Individual presets

Demo tracks

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Full preset list

ARP Assault
ARP Blackhat
ARP Hostages
ARP Infiltration
ARP Minefield

BASS Anihilation
BASS Aseed
BASS Big guns
BASS Brute
BASS Driven
BASS Gross
BASS Insomnia
BASS Juicy
BASS No future
BASS Ominous
BASS Razor
BASS Short
BASS Soft tone

BL Adrenaline
BL High speed chase
BL Pulse analog
BL Pulse commando
BL Pulse short
BL Pulse soft
BL Pulse tank
BL Pulse thick
BL Team alpha
BL The dark army

DRONE Dark plans
DRONE Hidden
DRONE Sniper
DRONE Tunnel
FX Braaam (poly)
FX Braaam 2 (poly)
FX Cold sweat
FX Downer
FX Growl (pitched)
FX Panther
FX Riser 2
FX Riser

HIT Backwards
HIT Distorted
HIT Impact
HIT Kick sharp (pitched)
HIT Sharp noise (pitched)
HIT Short noise (pitched)

LEAD A string
LEAD Boomerang
LEAD Broken
LEAD Destroyer
LEAD Fear rising 2
LEAD Fear rising
LEAD Geiger feedback
LEAD Metal bow
LEAD Pitcher
LEAD Riser 2
LEAD Riser 3
LEAD Riser
LEAD Scanner
LEAD Vertigo
LOOP Anarchy
LOOP Black ops
LOOP Blood money
LOOP In pursuit
LOOP Locked and loaded
LOOP Soft tension

PAD Heat
PAD High tension
PAD The long night

PERC Asphalt
PERC Black van
PERC Demolition
PERC En route
PERC Helicopter (pitched)
PERC No time (pitched)
PERC Noize
PERC Okinawa (pitched)
PERC Pulling
PERC Robotaiko
PERC The gear (pitched)
PERC Hyperfocus 2
PERC Hyperfocus
PERC Subtle beat (pitched)


We recommend using these with the latest version of U-He Zebra 2. You will be able to use them in ZebraHZ too if you prefer.

After buying this product you will get a .zip file. Uncompress it, and copy the folder with presets to your Zebra user preset folder.

These are the default folder locations for Zebra presets:

Alternatively, you can right click on your user preset folder right inside Zebra to open it in Finder or File Explorer.


You can use these presets in any project, commercial or not. You cannot resell these presets or use them to create samples for resale either.