75 presets for U-He Zebra2
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How long will the darkness last?

Eclipse is a collection of meticulously crafted cinematic Zebra2 presets. It's a refinement over the techniques I started developing on Nightmare.

Usually synth soundsets are made to contrast with acoustic timbres but Eclipse was designed from the start to blend seamlessly. Many presets fully use the physical modeling capabilities of Zebra2 to become another organic layer in your production.

Eclipse will be most useful when underscoring, adding subtle noir vibes and textures to your next project. It's a palette of sounds that will work in many genres that require a touch of darkness like thriller, drama, psychological horror, or Nordic noir.


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Demo tracks

Individual presets

These demos are 100% Zebra with no mastering or processing applied.

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Preset list

DRUM Deep drum
DRUM Hand drum
DRUM Long bell
DRUM Ritual
DRUM Ritual 2
DRUM Small drum
DRUM Small perc

HIT Kick delay
HIT Sub hit

KEYS Bell 2
KEYS Creatures
KEYS Dark investigation
KEYS Dark secret
KEYS Distant piano
KEYS Enigma
KEYS Metal thing
KEYS Rewind
KEYS Rewind 2
KEYS Rewind 3
KEYS Sekrets
KEYS Soft mystery
KEYS Soft mystery 2
KEYS Soft mystery 3
KEYS Soft perc
KEYS Too many secrets
LEAD Bad vibes
LEAD Bad vibes 2
LEAD Banshee
LEAD Bright texture
LEAD Bright texture 2
LEAD Cold whistle
LEAD Pulsing
LEAD Pulsing 2
LEAD Pulsing 3
LEAD Soft lead
LEAD Soft texture
LEAD Texture string
LEAD Texture string 2
LEAD Texture string 3
LEAD Texture string 4
LEAD Texture string 5
LEAD The hall of the fallen

PAD After life
PAD Camera obscura
PAD Dark tension
PAD Frozen night
PAD Investigations
PAD Loop pluck
PAD Loop pluck 2
PAD Loop soft bell
PAD Murmurations
PAD Murmurations 2
PAD Murmurations 3
PAD Murmurations 4
PAD Murmurations 5
PAD Murmurations 6
PAD Murmurations 7
PAD Murmurations 8
PAD Polar wind
PAD Soft percussion
PAD Soft percussion 2
PAD Soft percussion 3
PAD Soft swell
PAD Soft swell 2
PAD String vibes
PAD String vibes 2
PAD String vibes 3
PAD String vibes 4
PAD String vibes 5

PERC Metal
PERC Metal 2

SFX Rewind


We recommend using these with the latest version of U-He Zebra 2. You will be able to use them in ZebraHZ too if you prefer.

After buying this product you will get a .zip file. Uncompress it, and copy the folder with presets to your Zebra user preset folder.

These are the default folder locations for Zebra presets:

Alternatively, you can right click on your user preset folder right inside Zebra to open it in Finder or File Explorer.


You can use these presets in any project, commercial or not. You cannot resell these presets or use them to create samples for resale either.